Pytango write attributes

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Writing Custom Attributes

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If you write an extension that you think others will find useful or you think should be included as a part of Sphinx, please write to the project autodoc remove spurious signatures from @property decorated attributes. Thanks to David Ham. PR# Add coverage targets to quickstart generated Makefile and Thanks to Matthias Troffaes.

In the DEPRECATED form for SPECTRUM and IMAGE attributes, data can be any type of FLAT sequence of elements compatible with the attribute type. In the new form (without dim_x or dim_y) data should be any sequence for SPECTRUM and a SEQUENCE of. The method executed when the Long_attr attribute is read.

Note that before PyTango 7 it sets the attribute value with the lemkoboxers.com_attribute_value function.

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Now the same can be done using the set_value of the attribute object Line 61 to 62 The is_allowed method for the Long_attr attribute.

This is an optional method that is called when the attribute is read or written. Posted in group: sage-cloud: My "crazy long" wishlist selection of python3 packages, some of them just sound interesting to me, other are definitely important and have been requested here, or come from a scientific, computer science or web-dev background.

I've taken care to not include those, which might. Documentation requests from SKA TM Technical software documentation - understanding how the framework works, for instance how it realizes the polling mechanism works and so on.

Ideally an UML class diagram together with other activities diagrams could help a lot in understanding it. E/R model for the database: for instance, what happens if you add a device?

what are the main tables affected?

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Calling the method set_change_event() to tell Tango that the device is taking care of its own change event pushes, without needing to use a polling loop. Using method push_change_event() from the update thread.

Pytango write attributes
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