Intellectual capital collective brainpower or shared

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Collective intelligence

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Collective intelligence

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Gold of database publishers, learning houses, syndicators and program packagers, consultants, gravity agencies. One way is to support it. Management Exam 1; Shared Flashcard Set. Details. Title. Management Exam 1. the knowledge of the workers mind is a critical asset to employers and adds to the intellectual capital of an organization: Term.

How does diversity influence working in the new economy? the collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce can be. Intellectual Capital: the collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce Intellectual Capital (Equation) IC= Competency x Commitment Knowledge Workers: use their minds and intellects as critical assets to employers Self-Management: the ability to understand oneself, exercise initiative, accept responsibility, and learn from experience Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 • Intellectual capital- collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a worker • Knowledge worker- someone whose mind is a critical asset to employers • Workforce diversity- describes differences among workers in gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and able-bodieness • Prejudice- is the display of negative irrational.

1. Intellectual Capital is the collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce. 2. Knowledge worker is someone whose mind is critical asset to employer. "Intellectual capital is the collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce that can be used to create value.

"A knowledge worker adds to the intellectual capital of an organization; his or her mind is a critical asset. Management - Chapter 1 6!Globalization. The collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce is called knowledge worker An employee whose mind is a critical asset to employers and who adds to the intellectual capital of an organization is called a(n).

Intellectual capital collective brainpower or shared
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