A look at a blind spot experiment on my eyes

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The Blind Spot One of the most dramatic experiments to perform is the demonstration of the blind spot. The blind spot is the area on the retina without receptors that respond to light. To find your blind spot, look at the image below or draw it on a piece of paper: Here is another image to show your blind spot.

Close your right eye. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends. Experiment Module: The Blind Spot. The blind spot is a part of the retina where there are no photoreceptors. To demonstrate its existence to yourself, close your right eye, look at the + sign below with your left eye, then move your head toward or away from the screen slowly while continuing to watch the + sign.

Learning where to look can make all the difference in your fighting ability. What are you supposed to look at? The shoulder? The foot? The eyes? The answer is less complicated than you think. This was a great question that was asked a while ago in the mailbag, but I felt to break it down even.

My son and daughter have placed their eyes in such a manner that their left eye's blind spot is positioned on the flash.

Blind spot (vision)

For this reason a bright white spot appears on their left pupil, whereas their right pupil shows the usual, weaker, red-eye effect deriving from reflection of the flash off a .

A look at a blind spot experiment on my eyes
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